What is Metaphysics?

Class 1.

In this class we will first discuss what Metaphysics is.

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.​

What is Metaphysics in the overall view?

Metaphysics has no standard definition beyond what was discussed.

It is the science behind the thinking that allows you to get things done, it is more of a personal philosophy in understanding beyond physics.

Since, Metaphysics is the science that is beyond physics, or beyond the physical, if you get a good grip on the core principles of Metaphysics then you will get a good grip on your own inner-thinking which also shapes your life.

What are the core principles of Metaphysics?

The core principles of Metaphysics are to understand the role that your thinking plays in the flow of the universe. 

Your thinking leads to your actions, and all the actions that you take in this universe will have some type of consequence whether good, or bad.

  • Love
  • Hate
  • Happiness
  • Sad
  • Revenge
  • Forgiveness
  • Sweet
  • Bitter
  • Abundance
  • Lack
  • Emotions
  • Feelings
  • Moods

All of these, plus more, help to make up your thoughts, and all your actions included..

It is fair to say that Metaphysics, or the understanding of it is as important as breathing clean oxygen, if an individual wanted to improve their life, and understand the world around them.

How can Metaphysics help to improve a person's life?

As stated previously, it can help by making you see the power every thought that you conceive holds.

When you get a clear understanding on Metaphysics you will be able to see that your thoughts are what steers you to every path you take in life.

Most people don’t understand this concept, and wind-up making the same mistakes that will prevent them from prospering in life.

These mistakes happen over, and over unknowingly because they aren’t aware of the mistake that they’re doing.

So, because they lack true awareness of their thoughts, and its power, they wind-up causing the same problems  to occur in their lives over, and over again.

What makes Metaphysics a powerful science?

Metaphysics is a powerful mental science that gives the mind clarity, and awareness when one truly sets their goal to understanding it.

It’s a real powerful philosophy that can give you a true sense of awareness.

It will animate your mind, and you will illustrate your life with images of happiness, joy, and splendor.

By doing this, whatever you have done before to bring your life up to this point will eventually change, and you will be animated with a new sense of purpose.

What will this new sense of purpose do for your life?

A new sense of purpose will make you see what you are here for. It will make you see what your passion is, and why you are here to do it.

Your new sense of purpose will constantly flow through your mind like a nice river. Any form of blockage that you previously had will cease to exist, as now your thoughts are endless like the bodies of water that reside on earth.

How soon will changes appear in my life?

Results vary based on your level of understanding.

The beauty of Metaphysics is that you learn at your own pace. There is no need to rush because all that you learn is based on your level of understanding.

So, in other words you work at your own pace,  as you build your level of awareness.

You enable your existence.

Coursework / Homework

Get a notepad, or notebook and a pen.

For the next three days write down all the thoughts that are coming to your mind throughout the day.

Now, before you go to sleep look at the list for the day, and if you don’t like what you see written.

Example, you realize too much negative words, or negative events were written.

What you do next before you go to bed, think about that thought written that you want to undo.

Think about it before you go to sleep, and see that negative turned into a positive, and then go to sleep with all that you written down, now as a positive list of words formed in your mind.


Let yourself fall asleep with the positive list, and when you wake up, tell everyone you see Good Morning.

If you do this correctly for a week straight watch how you will start to train your mind to become more positive, and form a new thought process.

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