Thoughts Create Reality.

Class 3.

In this class, we will discuss how your "Thoughts create your reality."

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.​

How does your thoughts create your reality?

We live in a world that is one big thought manifested. We’re in a world where everything that someone thought of has now become a reality that has shaped every aspect of our world.

The automobile was a thought, the airplane was a thought, firearms, nuclear weapons etc.

There is nothing created that wasn’t a thought that then became reality because an individual thought of it, and then brought it to life.

A thought is your child, and how it shapes your life is basically how you raised your child.

So, think about this. How is your life currently going?

Are you happy with your love life?

Are you happy with your financial situation?

Are you happy with your spiritual life?

Are you, or someone you know constantly complaining?

Well all of these are aspects of your thoughts. If, you have a part of your life that you’re not happy with then that means you have given the wrong energy to a certain part of your thinking.

This wrong energy has created the problem that you now face.

Your thoughts can be golden nuggets, or solid bricks of pain. 

Look at it like this, what are your biggest worries?

Now, think about what will make you happy?

You will probably see that whatever you focus on will be your dominate thought, and so that is what reflects on your outside world.

So how can I control my thoughts?

You control it by understanding Psalms 46:10 “ Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Being still only means relaxing, and not letting worry creep in because worry, frustration, anger are all breathing grounds for all forms of negativity to flow into your life.

Negativity will create doubt, and once doubt forms you will forget the “I AM” principle of elevating your “I AM,” so you can elevate your life.

This is why you are being reminded to know “I AM GOD.”

Once you’re still, and turn to your “I AM” you’ll have power over your thoughts.

In the days when the Bible was written anyone who wasn’t an Hebrew was considered a heathen.

An Hebrew in the early days were synonymous with someone who was illuminated, and understood the laws of GOD.

These laws are the immutable laws that are throughout nature, and within us.

So, if you follow these laws you will get the same results which will be in your favor.

When you’re exalted that means you are uplifted, and raised high in the earth, and you’re not operating at a low vibration.


Once my thoughts are controlled will I have more control of my life?

A person who has a great understanding of their thoughts is a person who is unstoppable because they’re able to see that all their outcomes in life is caused by their thinking.

If a person went to college to become a teacher, doctor, or lawyer they first thought about becoming a teacher, doctor, or lawyer, and then through their thinking they placed everything in motion to get the education they need to attain the degree they needed to be a professional in their chosen field.

Your thoughts can make you, or break you.

How can my thoughts make me, or break me?

Your habitual thinking will make you, or break you.

Here is an example:

A person who believes that they will never find true love, or believe that “life” is hard. 

Will never find real love, or will have a hard life because they have imbedded that within their thinking, and now that thought is what shapes their reality.

How easy it it to change a negative thought pattern?

It’s easier than you think. It’s easy because energy flows wherever attention goes.

So, if you are giving all your energy to a situation that you shouldn’t like a negative thought, or a limited belief, then the best thing that you should do is focus your energy on the positive.

Once focused on the positive, then you will rearrange the energy pattern and instead of giving life to the negative, you’ll give life to a positive outcome. 

How can I remove a limiting belief?

A limiting belief will prevent you from going further because you have convinced yourself somewhere subconsciously that you’re not good enough.

If you tell yourself this lie long enough that they’re not good enough, then they’ll start to believe it as truth.

In the morning tell yourself this simple metaphysics saying “Each and every day I AM getting better in every way.”

The more you say this, will be like watering a plant that you implanted within your subconscious. You will convince your subconscious mind of this truth, and eventually it will sit within you, and you will start believing it, and it will change your life drastically.

You’ll start to do things that will empower you on many levels.


Get a pen, and pad, and write down a thought that you have, and then write down exactly how you would feel if it was true.

Look at what you wrote before you go to sleep at night, then imagine the scene that you wrote down right before you sleep.

Doing this when you’re halfway awake, and near sleep is best.

Create the feeling as if you are in it, believe it in existence, and go to sleep in this state.

Do it for seven nights, and throughout the day don’t even think about it, only think about it before you go to sleep.

Once you fall asleep in this state you’ll allow your subconscious mind to take over.

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