Sexual Magic.

Class 7.

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.

What is Sexual Magic?

Sexual magic is the energy that everyone possess. It is what attracts someone to you in a sexual way.

Throughout the ages many people in the “sex” industry have utilized this energy to their advantage. Once you throughly get the concept of sexual energy then you will see that it isn’t something to be ashamed of, but in fact it is an empowering tool.

To be fully conscious, or totally aware a individual must also know that their sexual energy holds a great amount of power, and this power can be a leveraging tool in your life.

How can a person utilize this power?

This power can be utilized in a myriad of ways, but here is a simple example.

You can make yourself so sexually attractive that you become irresistible to your love interest.

You can wear a scent, and build an attitude that is alluring, and first to build that attitude is to first build it in your mind.

So, what you would do is see yourself as the sexiest person in the world.

Your confidence should speak volumes, and it should be so loud that no one could turn it down.

This confidence build is what many over the ages in the sex industry has done.

It not only works, but it will permeate throughout your life.

So, all I have to do is believe in the power of my sexual magic?

Yes, but you must truly believe, as in the way that you carry yourself. You must have an undying confidence, and put the laws of mind in play and use it to your advantage.

Look at anyone who is in the sex industry, and look at their level of confidence.

Look at how they build a mental shield, and they don’t care what anyone says about them.

This level of confidence is the consciousness of belief, or the laws of belief.

When someone uses the laws of belief in anything that they do, it becomes their best friend.


It will be with you in all that you pursue, and once you truly put faith in the laws of belief, nothing or no one will stop you.

So, this is how someone can build a level of high confidence. This level of confidence will help you when it comes to your sexual magic.

Can a person master their sexual magic?

This is a question that is both a yes and a no.

The reason why is because although yes you can be a master at something it’s best to not say you are.

The reason why it’s best is because you might become complacent, and start to believe that you are too great and convince yourself that you don’t have to improve upon your already learned skills.

Remember you grow by constantly learning.

Will understanding my sexual magic improve my life?

Yes, just look around and see how sex keeps the universe in order, look around, and see how from the birds in the air to the animals on the land are all here because of sex.

It is the force that keeps life going in every species, and if you are having better sex then you will be much happier, and be more focused with an undying will to succeed and strive.

A lack of a happier sex life will lead to less focus, which will in return cause you to be frustrated in many different areas of your life.

So is my sexual energy a force that walks with me?

Yes, it is a force that walks with you just like your shadow. When you develop the ability to control it, and make it your best friend then you will have sexual experiences that are out of this world.

You will have experiences that will be life changing, not just for you but also for your partners.

You will take back all the power, so you won’t give to others what you should give to yourself.

Every minute of the day you are giving off your sexual magic, and you might notice it by the way others look at you, or try to flirt with you.

The most important thing that you must work on is how to control it, so that it can personally benefit you.


This is going to be a breathing technique.

This technique will help you control your sexual magic.

Take three deep breaths and hold it in for three second then let it go, do this for three minutes.

You should start to feel light headed and a little relaxed.

Make sure you breathe from your stomach, and then take five deep breaths fast in and out, do this for sixty seconds back to back.

Now, do this for a week, and build up the thought of breath control, and when you engage in a sexual act with your partner, you will see how you have the control.

The more you do this breathing technique, then the more you will be able to do this technique much longer.

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