Laws of Mind.

Class 4.

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.​

How can the Laws of mind dominate my life?

These are the laws that dictate your thinking, your movements, and everything else that makes you.

They are the laws that we use on a daily basis. Whatever you focus on is exactly the energy that you create. If you focused on your problems, and made them the dominant thought in your life, then they become the elephant in the room with you.

They will be magnified the more you place a deep thought on them because you have given them life.

People will constantly talk about their problems, and they’ll constantly bring up their issues with life. Unaware that they’re giving more life to their problems.

Can effective use of these laws give me great results?

Think about it like this, you always use these laws, you just haven’t had any true understanding of them yet.

Let’s look at Romans 7:22-23

“For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: but I see another law in my members, warring against the law of mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.”

The law of God are the immutable laws that are around us, like the laws of physics and many others.

When you delight in the laws of God after the inward man, that only means that you take pride in understanding the laws within you, and in your mind.

The other law that’s fighting with your members(that which is in you) are self-doubt, limiting beliefs and many other negative circumstances that make us fall into the laws of sin which only means to fail, or missing the mark, and when you fall you allow your self to fall into captivity which places limitations on you.

How can I win the battle against any issues that I may face within my mind?

The battle is a constant one, but you win it based on which wolf you choose to feed.

Remember this, we have two wolves within us.

One is limiting beliefs, and that one loves negativity.

The other is a positive wolf that will help you with all your struggles, and will be there for you in all your times of need, and the one that wins is the one that you choose to feed.

So, if you hold constant negative thoughts within your mind, then all you’re doing is feeding the wolf that is going to keep giving you a negative outcome.

Feed the right wolf, and you will be brought to safety.

How powerful is the law of inverse transformation?

This law is extremely powerful, and it goes like this.

If a physical fact happens, and then it affects you psychologically like you wind-up with heartbreak, and now mentally you’re depressed.

Then you can create a psychological fact that will alter your physical reality.

So, you can create the ideal lover, or financial situation in your mind, and hold on to it.

As you hold it, and mentally believe this to be true then it will eventually materialize in your physical world.

You are literally turning the tables around, and creating the outcome that you desire.

Instead of the other way where an outcome that you didn’t desire is making you experience a life that you aren’t happy with.

So the true power rest within me?

Yes, everything rest within you. This is why you must remember the concept of your “I AM.”

You must make it a priority to see to it that you utilize this power correctly.

We use this power every single day, but many aren’t aware of it.

Here is an example: 

If you worried, and complained, and then doubted yourself or spoke ill of another all you’re doing is utilizing this power in a negative way.

You’re using it in a way that would never bring any true peace or happiness to you, but only more misfortune. Your mind is your powerhouse.

Within your mind you can create your outward happiness, or your own misery, the choice is all yours.

How soon can I see changes once I use this power?

You can see changes immediately. Once again, this all rest on your shoulders. You are the one who steers the ship, so if you are truly seeking to make it work, and are really after a serious change then it will happen.

We are only held back by our own thinking.

Belief is powerful, so if you believe that something or someone is holding you back, and are preventing you from getting ahead then you will always be held back.

When you choose to rearrange this way of thinking, and instead of believing that you’re being held back, then you will get ahead.

So, what you must do here is believe that you will get ahead, and so you will.

You are putting the wheels in motion, and are preparing yourself for what you believe in, and also for what you know is coming to you which will be you getting ahead.

Prepare for what you want, instead of what you don’t want.


In this exercise you will utilize the laws of mind to bring to you something that you seek.

What you will do here is effectively use the laws of inverse transformation.

You will need a pen, and a pad to write down your desire.

Look at it, and now put it away. Now, feel the emotion of the desire happening. See the change in your outside world once the desire becomes real, and now live as if it is.

Don’t think ill, or speak as if it’s hard to accomplish, and watch how you bring this about.

Take daily notes of the sequence of events, or what may seem like a coincidence that will lead you to your desired outcome.

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