“I AM” The Concept of Yourself.

Class 2.

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.​

What is the true meaning of "I AM?"

“I AM” is the name of GOD that Moses received, but Metaphysically we know that “I AM” is probably the most used word in every language.

 It also carries a certain feeling behind it, and that feeling is what gives life to your “I AM” whether it may be positive or negative. 

This feeling is everything.

Moses was nothing more than the first state of consciousness that everyone goes through.

Notice how Moses is the first to take his people out of bondage, and bring them to the promised land.

The people were just a metaphor for your ideals, and values, your emotions and feelings.

You are Moses, and your promised land is your place of happiness, or better yet the conscious state of happiness.

How can I get to this promised land with "I AM?"

You get there by having a great concept of yourself, so if you were speaking of yourself in a positive perspective, then only positive words are what you would place after your “I AM.”

So here is an example.

When you are aware, and think out your words wisely; you would never say “I AM” lonely.

The reason why you would never say that if you’re indeed truly aware, is because eventually you would create the lasting feeling of someone who is lonely.

Think about how many times you, or someone you know will say “I AM” unhappy, or think about someone who keeps on saying “I AM” poor, or “I AM” broke.

What usually comes from that?

Yes, you guessed it, they remain exactly that, and bring that feeling upon themselves.

Your “I AM” is coded with the name of GOD because it is the name of GOD.

So, is my "I AM" the most precious thing in my life?

Yes, it is without a doubt the crown jewel in your personal empire of building yourself.

Not only is it the name of GOD, which that is with you, and it is a representation of your spirit.

Your “I AM” is the only thing that follows you wherever you go.

No matter, what country in the world you may be in, your “I AM” is the only thing that you will never leave behind.

You can lose your luggage, you can lose your wallet or purse, but your “I AM” is something that you will never lose.

You can change your “I AM” yes, but losing it is something you’ll never be able to do.

How do I change my "I AM?"

You change it by changing the concept, or the idea you once had of yourself.

Like for example, if you saw yourself previously down, and out and you would constantly say things like.

“I AM” unable to find love.

“I AM” unable to progress in business or in my career.

“I AM” always around people who thinks less of me.

All of those are negatives added to your  “I AM.”

You would have to change it drastically by adding a positive to reinforce this within your spirit, and uplift yourself.

So, you would say “I AM” going to find the love of my life.

By saying this you are reassuring to your subconscious that the love you crave is out there, and so you create a universal magnet that will eventually pull love to you, and not repel it from you.

“I AM” always growing in my business, and in my career.

Once again this pulls growth in your life, and shows your subconscious that you’re always dealing with progress.

“I AM” around people who uplift me, and so I also uplift them.

This statement is one of empowerment because it has the universal law of give to receive, and so you are always keeping order within the universe and within your life.

Is it easy keeping a positive "I AM?"

Nothing in life comes easy without serious effort.

When you first learned how to read, you had to keep practicing until it became natural.

When you first learned how to drive, it took practice until you became a truly confident driver.

So, changing your “I AM,” and keeping it positive will also take practice.

Remember practice makes perfect!

So constant practice will improve the concept that I have of myself?

Yes, it will improve the concept of yourself and with a renewed concept, you will only want to do things that improves your life.

You will never see yourself as anything less than what you are, which is a GOD.

The one that told Moses. “I AM” has sent me unto you.


Get a sticky note pad, and write various “I AM” statements on it.

Example, write “I AM” beautiful.

“I AM” empowered.

“I AM” always getting better each, and every day, and in every way.

You can even change your phone screensaver to an “I AM” phrase.

Before going to sleep think of “I AM” always improving, and “I AM” great.

Tell yourself “I AM” grateful for an abundant life.

Fall asleep in this state.

Do this for one week, and you’ll see how your concept of yourself will start to change.

Throughout the day also think of great things about yourself like “I AM” successful and “I AM” the best version of myself.

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