Biblical States Of Consciousness.

Class 8.

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.

What is the meaning of Biblical States of Consciousness?

Well the meaning simply showcases that every character in the bible are nothing more than different states of consciousness within the mind of man.

All the characters, places, and events are nothing more than personifications of different states of consciousness.

The stories read as if they were historically accurate, but we can see that they aren’t factual beyond what the modern church has labelled them as. There is no true “historical” or documented events of anything that occurred within the Bible.

Now, the Bible is real, but it is a tale of allegory, and one that is a psychological drama taking place within the mind of every man, woman and child.

Once you are able to identify the character or event with the ideal biblical state, then you are now able to make a unique correlation with the Biblical state of consciousness that you might be going through.

So are the Bible Characters all different states?

Yes, every last one of them. In the world of Metaphysics we are able to understand that each character is just another state that an individual must go through in order to get enlightened.

You can’t wake up, or get on a journey to freedom without first leaving bondage which would be the land of Egypt in the Bible.

Your awakening would be you going through Moses, and the waters that separated you from your journey are now being open, and you are crossing.

The crossing that is taking place is all symbolic. It represents you learning, and realizing the power of your mind, and your thoughts.

Once you cross, and leave Egypt which was your old way of thinking that kept you in bondage, then you will be able to go through all the other states until you reach Jesus which is nothing more than illumined reason. 

So how does "I AM" fits in with these states?

“I AM” fits in with these states because it is the first name of GOD, and the underlying factor of what you are.

From a Metaphysical principle we know that “I AM” was the name given to Moses from the GOD of the Bible. This was the name given to Moses when he asked GOD what was his name, and GOD said “I AM that I AM.”

Tell your people that “I AM has sent me unto you.”

Now, as the Bible goes on we see that “I AM.” is the first name of GOD, and all the other names are different aspects of that “I AM.”

What are these different aspects of "I AM?"

These different aspects of “I AM” can be seen in the Bible with biblical names that end or start with “EL.”

You see “EL” in Hebrew means deity or GOD.

Any name with “EL” in it is a Theophoric name coming from the Greek word of Theophorus which simply means a word that embeds or embodies some aspect of a GOD within it.

So, names like Daniel which means “GOD is my Judge”

Samuel means “Heard by GOD,” or “Name of GOD.”

Ezekiel means “GOD will strengthen.”

Joel means “Yahweh is my GOD.”

The list is endless, but all these “EL” names are different aspects of the “I AM,” and that is all corresponding with you.

So, the Bible has no real historical connection to real events?

The real events are what’s going on within your mind, and your states of consciousness. It is all tied to the drama that is going on in our mind.

The Bible is really a tale that teaches you about your subconscious mind, and the power that it holds. In order to learn the power of your subconscious mind you must understand the power that you hold, and how your mind orchestrates all the events in your life.

What is the Jesus connection?

The Jesus connection is that Jesus lives inside of us all.

Remember this, the place where Jesus was crucified in the Bible is called Calvary.

In Aramaic, the word for Calvary is Golgotha. 

Golgotha means “Place of skull,” and in Latin the word for skull is Calvaria.

In English the word Calvaria translates to Calvary.

Jesus is nothing more than the illumined reason that lives within us all who seek a greater understanding



In order to understand the Biblical states of consciousness further, you will need to research the Bible names mentioned here.

Now, open a King James Bible and research every Bible character name, or as many as you are in the mood to, and you will see that behind each name is a meaning.

This meaning and the story that comes with that Bible name will also have a subconscious meaning behind it when you understand the story fully.

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