Practical Solutions.

Class 5.

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.

What is the true meaning of a Practical Solution?

A practical solution is any form of problem solving that you conceive to deal with a issue that may arise. So let’s look at a practical solution that can happen in our everyday life.

Let’s say a pipe burst in the house. The practical solution here would be to call a plumber to replace that pipe.

Now, let’s say you are driving and wound-up with a flat tire, well the practical solution here would be to change that flat tire, so that you can get back on the road, and continue driving to your destination.

We can now look at this even deeper, and see your mind as a tool that once utilized it can give you the idea to solve the problems that I mentioned above.

How does the Laws of Mind work with Practical Solutions?

They work hand in hand with each other because it is the Laws of Mind that you utilize to come up with a solution to your problem. When you fully see that the majority of your problems can be solved by using your mental power, then you will see that you didn’t really have a problem in the first place.

You will see how all of your issues are indeed self-inflicted, especially if they wind-up becoming bigger than what they started out as being.

The individual who doesn’t understand the concept of practical solutions will constantly bring more hell into their life.

They will make make small issues turn into big problems, and they will erode their life, and bring more problematic issues to themselves.

Do solutions come automatically?

Nothing will come automatically. You will have to first have deep belief, understanding, and know that you are going to bring the right solutions to you. 

You will gain this understanding by getting a true grip of the Laws of Mind, and then keep your mind glued to the fact that you are the one with the power.

You are the one who can solve anything that you’re after, or solve any problem that you may face.

Here is something to think about. If, you were to face a serious issue that lies in your way, and appears to hold you back.

Wouldn’t you want to know that you can solve that issue immediately?

Wouldn’t you want to know that you are the one who can bring about the solution, and it would be a solution that works in your best interest.

Once you start to really study the practical solutions, then the solutions will start to come easy.

So does this take mind power?

Everything in life takes mind power. To drive a car, and to focus on the road takes serious mind power.

Remember that your mind is a powerful tool, in fact it is the most powerful tool that you can have in your arsenal. Every invention that we now have all came out of the mind of some individual.

When you get this concept then you will see that your mind power, or the power of your mind is everything. It can free you, or it can enslave you.

You make yourself through your thoughts, and you can give yourself all that answers that you need by your thoughts, and through your thinking.

So as time goes on I will get better?

Yes, as time goes on and you continue to practice you will become better and better. In fact, you will eventually become a master, and essentially change your life for the better.

As you keep going, then you will continue to keep the power of your mind flowing. 

If you choose to get lazy or relax on using your mind power then you will put a halt to a powerful skill that you are trying to develop.

What is this powerful skill?

This powerful skill is using your mind to become the center to solve your problems.

You are turning your mind into its own little functioning computer, and whatever you upload in your mind becomes real life for you. It becomes exactly what will engineer the kind of life that you desire to have. 

Remember, every solution that you’re able to come up with will effect your life in some type of way. So, I highly recommend that you focus only on the solutions that are going to help further your goals, and your dreams.


Get a pen and pad, now write down any issue or problem you may have, or a problem you might think you have.

Once you do this, I want you to take seven minutes of the day to think about the solution.

As you continue to do this, you’ll see how quickly you build yourself up, and gain the ability to solve your problems.

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