Contacting Your Higher-Self.

Class 11.

Watch the video, and refresh your mind.

How can I effectively contact my higher-self?

If you have been following along and sticking to the coursework and the teachings, then by now you should be able to do it without a problem.

You should have now programmed your mind to believe what you want, and not believe what you see, although what you’re currently seeing¬† may be your current reality.

Always remember that your reality is what you make it. 

Your reality is what you choose to accept.

Course Summary

Now that you have the basics down to understand the science behind the science of Metaphysics, you must now look at all the material, and make sure you understand it because now for the second part of the course is the one on one discussions with you and I for one year.

This is to keep your mind sharp, and give you the follow-ups that are needed to continue your personal growth into really contacting your higher-self.

The techniques that we will talk about, and meditation will really allow you to contact your higher-self and make you forget the outside world of confusion.

End of Course.