How To Properly Pray.

Class 10.

Watch the video, and then read the course, and do the exercise.

What is prayer?

Prayer is nothing more than an individual connecting with divinity, or asking a divine source for intervention when it comes to their behalf.

One will pray for happiness, love, money, or justice, it is endless what a person might ask for.

Prayer is what connects a person with what they may see as their divine source, and from them calling on this divine source they will start to see change happen when they are truly devoted with undying belief.

How can a person ensure that their prayers are heard by the divine?

Well first, an individual must believe because belief is what creates all things.

Little kids will believe that there is a monster under their bed, and so they become terrified to even stay in their room.

A person will believe that true love is hard to find, and so it becomes almost like a distant memory for them, and they spend  their life speaking about how hard it is to find true love.

This is because they have convinced their subconscious mind to believe in what they’re saying, and this creates deep faith in what they believe in, so this connects them to what they are thinking about, and it becomes a real truth in their life.

So the true divine is closer to us than we think?

As above so below, as within so without as the saying goes.

The divine isn’t far away from you.

It isn’t in a distant universe, or so far off that you’re out of touch with it.

When you start to see the divine in everything, then you will be connected to the source.

You will believe that everything you come across will connect you to the divine in one way or another.

You are a divine being having an earthly experience.



So true prayer carries a feeling behind it?

Yes, just like how anything “true” in life carries a feeling behind it.

True love is felt.

True happiness is felt.

True loyalty is also felt.

Anything that’s “true” will always have a real feeling behind it.

Bring yourself to the point where you can differentiate what is true to you, and then it will become real to you.

When you apply your feelings and emotions, then what you are praying for becomes who you are.

It becomes second nature just like breathing is for you.

So feelings and emotions are what brings prayers to life?

Without feelings or emotions, nothing would come to life.

As previously stated, what you believe to be true is what becomes true.

Some things will never change, and they even become scientific fact.

They develop as the laws that govern the universe, and your exact existence.

You give your prayers life like how an electric socket gives your appliances, or digital devices life once you plug it in.





So my will is what makes my prayers connect?

Absolutely, and if you feel like your prayers aren’t being answered then your “will” isn’t as strong enough as you may believe it is.

Your will-power is everything because how you choose to use it is exactly how your outcomes will be.

Some choose their will-power to focus on their misfortune, and so that is what they continue to experience in their life.

Then you have folks who will only focus on mutliplying their good and making their lives better and so it becomes better.

You will things into being by adding your emotions, and feelings with it and then giving it deep conviction without an ounce of doubt.

Just do it like this, if you believe in what you are asking for like how you believe that tomorrow then sun will rise then you will bring it to life.

After all I am sure you don’t worry, or doubt whether the sun will rise or not tomorrow, so there is no need to doubt yourself in what you’re asking for.


Get a pen and pad, write down your desire.

Speak it, and then vsiualize it for three nights before you go to sleep in a row.

Once you create the scene and make it real forget about it.

Don’t even talk about it or think about it because from now on it is real.

If you do this correctly by adding the feelings, emotions and your absolute belief and will, then everything will unfold as you wrote down, and visualized.

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