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This course has literally kept me on my grind, and awakened. The training, and what is taught, and then the constant follow-ups by Rasheeal, I am grateful, and am proud to call him a friend, and a teacher whom have helped me on my journey.
Barber, and Hair Stylist
I've been a brain surgeon for over 25 years, and I love my job greatly. I always loved Metaphysics, but besides a few I wasn't able to truly get the grip on a true concise modern way of the teachings. This course gave me everything that I was looking for, plus more. My day job is opening skulls being a brain surgeon lol, but Rasheeal really opened my mind with this course, and gave me a new take on Metaphysics, and the world around me like no other. Grateful to you bud.
Dr. Alan West
Board Certified Brain Surgeon
Great teachings from a great person, this work has helped me with my practice, and my newly discovered level of awareness has improved my business, and made see see things, and realize things that I didn't before. When you think you know everything you really don't know what you thought you did. Love you for your kindness, and patience with me Rasheeal.
Tina Lang
Corporate Attorney
This course was a ball, and even today I recommend it to all my friends that show any interest in Metaphysics or new thought, I can't put it into words what this did for me.
Adaj Singh
Both me and my wife took this course, not only did it help us with our awareness, and business, it also helped our marriage. The price is a steal I feel like I'm ripping you off mate, I already made an extra six figures in our business, and your course wasn't even $1,000.. A great investment in my mind for my future, I will buy more courses from you because the value exceeds the price.
Joey Jackson
Serial Entrepreneur

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